How to research for a moving company?

1) Look for company reviews online.
 Look up the company's name on websites such as Yelp. You might find a recommendation, a rating, or a warning for the company. Try to search on several good websites to get more information regarding removalist companies. If it looks like the company may have thugged people in the past, cross it off your list.

2) Visit the company website. The company website is generally listed in the phone directory, or can be easily found through an online search. If the website looks novice, is difficult to navigate, or doesn't contain the required information you need, you might want to look for a more professional movers company. At a minimum, the website should clearly inform you:
·         The company's full name.
·         The address of the company.
·         Contact information, including a phone number and email address.

3) Call the company's reference. Ask for at least three references from the removalist company, making it clear that you are asking for their past customers. Call each of these references one by one and ask for details of their moving experience with that particular company.

4) Consider how the company has acted during communication. Have the removalist company's employees been professional and polite during your communications? Have they responded quickly to your emails (the next business day or sooner), or have they been making you wait? If a moving company is too busy or too incompetent to communicate politely with a potential customer, you may not want to hire them.


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