How to find a suitable moving company?

Hiring a moving or removalist company can be difficult task. How do you know they won't break your goods, overcharged you, or simply load your belongings into a truck and then disappear? Fortunately, you can avoid these horrific things with a little knowledge and research time. Read these instructions carefully to find a suitable moving company that would not add any stress to your move.
1) Determine how far you plan on moving your goods. If you’re relocating from one city to another, you will likely wish to hire a moving company mastered in moving across state lines. If on the other hand you are moving from one urban locality to another, look for moving companies that provide service to people who live in your city.
2) Ask people for recommendations and warnings. One good way to start your search is through word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. While researching for these companies is still an important step, having a simple rough idea of which are competent and which should be avoided can save you a lot of time and money.
3) Ask local real estate agents for recommendations. Call one or two local real estate agents and ask if they can recommend a good moving company. They have likely assisted many of their clients moving in or out of your current area.
4) Look for moving services in the phone book. Use a copy of the local phone book or yellow pages to search under "Moving" or "Removals" for possible companies to inquire. The companies listed there should have actual addresses in your area, and are much less likely to confuse you than the companies you find on an internet search.
5) Search online cautiously. If you don't have at least three companies to research, or if the companies you found by other means turned out not to fulfill your needs, it's time to search online. Search for "moving company" or "removalist" plus the name of your city or area, but be cautious to avoid online scams. Every moving company website should display an address in your area, and you should never enter personal information or pay a fee to access the website.

6) Avoid moving brokers. You may be interested to hire a "moving broker" that claims to arrange a good deal for you. Unfortunately, at least in the Melbourne, moving brokers are not subject to the client protection laws that prevent ordinary moving companies from mistreating their customers. It's best to avoid moving brokers fully and stick with hiring a company yourself.


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