5 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Moving to another city, state or country is always challenging and stressful job.
This article gives you some useful and important tips on how to deal with moving without being stressed in the process.

1. Packing

First of all, you have to pack all your belongings. But even before that you should look carefully at each and every thing you have in your household and ask yourself one question: do I really need it? When was the last time I actually used it? If it’s been more than a couple of months it is time to say goodbye to it: carry out a sale or simply give the unnecessary things to those who need them.
Start collecting boxes in advance: plenty of boxes may be found at stores, at your place of work, or simply by asking around. Begin packing with non-essential items first, things you don’t need every time. Don’t forget to label each and every box with what is inside, what is fragile and should be handled with care. Use clothes, pillows and such like things to keep breakables from damage.

2. Drawing up a Plan

Be sure to draw up a plan of what and when you are going to do before to moving. Plan your last trip for groceries to be two weeks prior to moving, so that you don’t have to empty your fridge. If you have some items that you want to get rid of but which are too costly to be given away or sold at a garage sale, start selling them online portals at least a couple of months before to moving. About two weeks before moving you should change your communication address for utilities, credit cards, and suchlike. In other words, plan before so that there is nothing to surprise you.

3. Tips about Logistics

It isn’t just enough to pack things; you should do it in a manner that allows you to easily get what you need afterwards. In addition to simply labeling your boxes, try to choose color-coding them – for example, everything belonging to the bathroom has yellow labels on it. If you have any containers such as baskets, suitcases, laundry bins, etc., use them before you go out looking for boxes. Use vacuum sealing to minimize the space taken by clothes. All in all, you should do everything to make sure that your things take as little space as possible.

4. Using Moving Companies

Moving companies may be of great help. It saves you a lot of problems, because the moving company takes it upon itself to organize everything, and if you have a lot of items to take with you it may be very difficult for you to do on yourself. It may be always worth to try  professional movers for dealing with breakables than your friends.

5. Preparing the New Flat

Try to visit your new flat a couple of days before you are going to move in. It is also a good idea to place there all the essentials like clean towels, shower curtains, toilet paper, and some basic food. After a long and hectic day of moving you will be dying for a  shower, so it is better to be prepared.

Moving to a new flat really can be a refreshing, energizing experience – if you approach it correctly. Think over it and organize the whole process carefully.


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